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a long list of non-cheesy christmas gifts


There’s nothing more painful than watching someone unwrap a present and unconvincingly exclaim, “Ooh! Socks!” Socks are practical and fine, but let’s be honest – we can all do better than that. If you’re hunting around for some rad Christmas gifts, why not take a looksee at our list below? We've rounded up products from small makers, which means each item is pretty darn special and unlikely to be picked up by anyone else in your family or friendship group.

For the retro fashion fan: Erstwilder x Pete Cromer cardigan clips, rrp $44.95. Sweater clips, as they're also known, were pretty handy back in the ’50s when ladies needed a device to keep their cardigans from slipping off their shoulders. These days, cardi clips look just as nice worn across the collar or as a special brooch.

For the wine snob: Minimum Wines three-bottle gift pack, rrp $90. Farmers Matt and Lentil Purbrick (you might remember their book Grown & Gathered) make super-yummy, organic, minimum-impact wines using sustainable practices. As for the flavours? Expect the unexpected.

For the crazy cat person: Holly Haymaker cat face jumper, around $52. Even if you don’t like felines, you have to admit this design is cute as all get out. You can also find it in a few different colours, if the thought of dirtying a pristine white jumper makes you anxious.

For the fancy person: Luna & Rose zodiac pendants, starting from $169. Jewellery at Christmastime isn’t a cliché unless you’re an older man pursuing an extramarital affair (oh wait, that’s just Alan Rickman’s plotline in Love Actually). If you know someone who’s always in tune with the sun's movements, they’d probably swoon over a swish necklace to match their star sign.

For the Cottagecore fan: Forget Me Not Nature pressed flower frames. If your loved one wants the farmhouse aesthetic without having to forage for their own foliage, these lovely glass frames will make an excellent gift.

For the person whose New Year’s resolution is to quit coffee: Thea organic matcha powder, around $22. Believe the hype! Matcha – or powdered green tea – basically does all the good, life-giving stuff that a cup of joe can, minus the jitters and 3pm crashes.

For the crafty kind: Wear, Repair, Repurpose by Lily Fulop, rrp $32.95. Mending your clothes is a bit of a lost art these days, but this book covers all the ace techniques your grandma grew up with. Even better, Lily teaches you how to fix your duds with flair and give worn-out clothing a new life.

For the friend who just moved into a new place: Toi Gallery art print. If your pal loves whimsical, illustrative art, they’ll definitely appreciate something from Toi Gallery’s collection. This print is by artist Isabella Conti and starts at around $200 for the 27.8cm x 35.5cm size. (Psst! There's also a 20 per cent off sale happening right now.)

For someone who likes cute stuff: Natali Koromoto throw, around $170. How sweet is this blanket from New York artist Natali Koromoto? It’s perfect for summer picnics, cosying up on the couch or hanging up on the wall, if that’s your jam.

For someone who loves interior design: Blazed Wax candles, starting at $22 each. Why are candles so gosh-darn cool these days? Melbourne brand Blazed Wax has a bevy of interesting, colourful designs to choose from.

For the pot-plant fiend: Summer Svenson pots. This Melbourne maker specialises in all-out colour and kitsch. Just keep in mind that the painted terracotta pots are made in limited quantities, so you’ll have to be quick to scoop one up. Keep an eye out for shop updates over on Insta – the next announcement is due at the end of November.