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a library of misremembered books


“That reminds me of a book I read ages ago! It was about this, kind of, but was set in… Belgium? I think Belgium. Maybe the Netherlands. Somewhere European and delicious. God – what is the NAME of that BOOK?” If you have experienced a similar inner or outer monologue, congratulations, you are one of us. And so is illustrator Marina Luz, who has released A Library of Misremembered Books, a visual ode to great reads of the past (even if we only remember parts of it, and those parts are dusty).

Marina has created titles such as Insane Husband Burns Down House and Cat Possibly Named Henry. Even though these books do not actually exist, we want to read them. There’s something oddly romantic about the prospect of never finding that book we can’t quite recall, and a reminder of the beauty of tangible books in a Kindle world.