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a few lovely punch needle patterns


With folks like Agnes Pironon (@chaumiere.oiseau) and Korean label Myome leading the charge, it’s easy to see why punch needle embroidery has come back into fashion. The old-school craft is a bit like regular embroidery: the main difference is that your special punch needle doesn’t need to go all the way through the fabric and come back around, so you end up working on the ‘right’ side of the material the whole time. For that reason, some people find it a bit easier to get the hang of. If you’re keen to try whipping up your own fluffy piece of décor, we recommend stopping by Sarah Maker’s Etsy store. Sarah’s downloadable patterns come with extensive directions on what supplies you’ll need and a step-by-step guide to punching out your own wall hanging or cushion cover. You’ll also find a few mesmerising videos on Sarah’s Instagram if you’re looking for a bit of extra inspiration.