kooky stamps

3:00pm Wednesday, 04 Jul. by jo walker

The world could be made a better place with stampable ice-cream cones, washi tape and Space Invaders.

the six stitch kit

8:00am Wednesday, 04 Jul. by georgia frances king

Want to tap away on your phone or tablet, but don't want to freeze your fingers? This is a super simple way to make your gloves techno-friendly. All it takes is six stitches of a super special string, and you're done!

star wars skirts

9:00am Saturday, 30 Jun. by georgia frances king

Isn't it everyone's life dream to resemble R2D2 or the Death Star?

orange studio by helen dardik

3:00pm Wednesday, 27 Jun. by maggie butter

Flipping through Helen Dardik's designs is like breathing in the fresh, orangey air of a fruit bowl.

where the wild dresses are

9:00am Sunday, 24 Jun. by maggie butter

Kids' tunics that look like wild things? Let the wild rumpus begin!

nevenka design competition

10:00am Sunday, 17 Jun. by georgia frances king

Always wanted to design for a fashion label but never quite knew how to get your foot in the door? We have the answer: doodling poodles.

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