3:00pm Friday, 30 Mar. by jo walker

We've all seen plenty of take-a-photo-a-day blogs about the place, but this is the first time we've seen a Pattern A Day blog.

the adventures of

3:00pm Friday, 16 Mar. by holly mccauley

If more stationery websites were as well put together as The Adventures Of, we would probably have minimal pennies left in our purses due to an over-spend on delightful paper-goods.

this platypus is playing a keytar

3:00pm Thursday, 23 Feb. by georgia frances king

There's nothing that we can say that will ever match the raddness of Tenso Graphics' t-shirt and print designs.

up and away

3:00pm Monday, 20 Feb. by jo walker

An inflatable shelter that can be reversed depending on whether you need cooling or heating and that folds up to fit in your pocket? Nifty.

mrs smileys

9:00am Monday, 13 Feb. by georgia frances king

Full of old dictionary pages, tiny portraits of Paris and etched antique metals, Mrs Smiley's handcrafted necklaces are sure to make you ooh and ahh.


11:00am Saturday, 11 Feb. by holly mccauley

Webbwebb is a collection of simple adornments that are designed to complement any neckline in need of a little sprucing up.

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