mid-century postcards of people looking at things

Postcards have a pretty simple job: feature imagery that represents a particular spot. Lovely scenery? Go for it. Famous landmark? Easy-peasy. It shouldn’t be difficult to grasp the concept, yet souvenir stands are often stocked with mementos that are a little odd.

Our favourite example is this collection of Mid-century postcards showing people gazing out into… well, we’re not too sure. With their backs to the camera they stare intently ahead, occasionally with a finger pointed for an extra vague effect. Most of them were supposedly made for advertising towns around America, but we just love the vintage tone and air of mystery they evoke.

Check out more curious postcards over on Flashbak.

postcards 1

postcards 2

postcards 3

postcards 4

postcards 5

postcards 6

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