tunesday - the laurels

by georgia frances king

You know that you're onto a good thing when Adalita, Australia's rock princess, calls you her favourite band in Oz. Layering shoegaze on top of perfect pop hooks, The Laurels are a four piece from the Sydney that have been on the airwaves for the past three years. Their debut album rated four stars or above in nearly all of Australia's music publications, and their live shows often lull their audience into a swaying, bopping hypnosis. If The Velvet Underground liked harmonies and hung out in Surry Hills, they might have sounded like these guys.

Their second album Plains is out on July 13th, and they're also playing at the Rice Is Nice Records part on July 1st, along with a whole bunch of their label mates. For more details on both their new record and their upcoming tour, click here.

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