tunesday - second hand heart

by georgia frances king

There's that special something we seem to perpetually yearn for in the music of yesteryear. Melbourne quintet Second Hand Heart take this nostalgia and combine it with the modern, trinkety jangle of op-shop finds.

The Second Hand Heart lads and lasses have performed with a mixed bag of similar kinned bands like Holly Throsby and Kate Miller-Heidke, and even have a version of song to the left being released in France soon! Ooh lah lah, oui? The tune is called "Trouble", which is the exact opposite of what we think they're going to be faced with in their careers. Just have a listen and let us know what you think.

They've got a few shows happening over the next little while too: they're supporting another one of our Melbourne loves Ainslie Wills in Ballarat on August 31st, and two more gigs on September 8th and October 6th in Melbourne. If you want to head or along or just want to hear more, check them out here.

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