tunesday - opossom

by georgia frances king

Opossoms are furry little critters that are both cute and adorably odd at the same time. So it's no surprise that the debut album by Auckland outfit Opossom fits that description pretty nicely. If you're from New Zealand, you may recognise the line up a little: this is the new project from Kody Nielson of The Mint Chicks. He's roped in five gongs at the New Zealand Music Awards in his time, so he knows how to put a song together. His brother is also the lad behind Unknown Mortal Orchestra, who are equally rad. There's something spectacular running in their blood. Although Opossom's record is called Electric Hawaii, we reckon it more sounds like psychedelic Egypt. If the pharaohs had guitars and were pop singers, this is the kind of record they would create. Interested? Listen here or see the tour dates with Jinja Safari and White Arrows in August here.

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