tunesday - brous

by georgia frances king

Brous (pronounced 'Bruce', as in Springsteen) is the pop project of Sophia Brous, who became the youngest ever program director of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival at just 22 (she's now in her mid twenties). Although jazz is sometimes considered either an 'old people's' genre or what your strange tutrtle-necked literature teacher always played before class, Brous has reinvented elements of it for us normal folk. Taking time out to follow her own musical path, Brous' project is a sassy soul sensation, fusing elements of the 60s with awesome vintage dresses, onstage antics and a voice that leaves you picking your jaw up from the sticky floor of whatever venue you're watching her at. There will be plenty of opportunities to catch her on her East Coast EP launch tour in October and November. More details here.

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