tunesday - animal collective giveaway

by georgia frances king

Animal Collective are going to be touring Australia in January 2013, so we're preparing ourselves for an intergalactic party.

Fast forward to the year 2471. After centuries and centuries of scouring the universe with our super-sonic radio waves, we have finally received a message back from other intelligent life forms in a different universe. Technology hasn't advanced far enough yet for us to travel there with ease, so we have to stick to transmitting only sounds.

If we had to choose a band to connect us with alien life and have a party, Animal Collective's new album Centipede Hz would be on the top of our play list.

The foursome  are coming out for Big Day Out next year, and they've just announced some sideshows this morning - January 16th at The Enmore in Sydney, and January 23rd at The Palace in Melbourne. We're lucky enough to have two double passes to give away to each show (plus a copy of the new record), so email us here with your name and address if you're keen to tag along.


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