suitcase royale

by jo walker

We have a little chat with Jof from 'junkyard theatre' purveyors The Suitcase Royale as he limbers up for Harvest Festival.

What's the story behind the name Suitcase Royale? We made our first show together in the last year of university and that all packed into suitcases and we toured that for three months across North America in a van that we bought. The name came out of the idea that we could make shows that we could pack away into suitcases and could be travelled anywhere we wanted to go.

At Harvest Festival will there be a full show that you're performing or is it just a 'best of'? Yeah, this will be like a mixed tape, but a GOOD mixed tape. There is a whole heap of short stuff that we get to do every now and again, and we really enjoying doing it, so it's going to be fun.

How does a music festival crowd differ from a theatre crowd? Everyone is a bit more up for it. It's like a big house party that you try and keep under control, but it can be everyone's house party not just yours.

What type of set can we expect to see at Harvest? For Harvest you can expect a whole heap of stuff that we found at the op shops on the way up to festival, but also some pretty amazing animal costumes that we found when we got given the keys to a costume department in Germany. There could be a full, life-size penguin.

Let's talk beards. How long is the band's face fuzz right now? Good question. At the moment we all have pretty big beards – we all kind of look like bushrangers. The beauty of having a beard is that you can go from beard to handlebar moustache to having mutton chops, it's kind of like playing Guess Who.

Suitcase Royale play as part of the Vaudevillage arts line-up at Harvest Festival, Saturday 12th in Melbourne, Sunday 13th in Sydney and Saturday 19th in Brisbane.

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