the thirsty plant kit

If the tint of your thumbs is at the opposite end of the spectrum to green and you've given up hope of ever caring for plants again, the Thirsty Plant Kit may just be your ticket to a flora-filled life. OK, it might not be a cure-all for your weedy woes, but we reckon with this handy moisture-detecting device you'll be able to keep at least one shrub happily in bloom.

Using an assembly of wires, a light and some solar panels, the nifty gadget flashes for your attention when the soil gets too dry. A litle bit like waving a flag in your face that reads: I'm parched! Hurry up, human. Grab me a drink!

Now all we need is a contraption that shows us when we've given our plant too much water, then we'll be ready to confidently take custody of greenery again.

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