say it with love

3:00pm Wednesday, 22 Jan.

Down with the Hallmark niceties – it’s about time cards got a little sweary.

terada mokei coasters

3:00pm Saturday, 18 Jan.

Designer Naoki Terada specialises in making miniature worlds from paper.

journey of something puzzles

3:00pm Sunday, 12 Jan.

Staying in with a jigsaw puzzle is officially cool again.

choose poorly

3:00pm Friday, 10 Jan.

A planner that keeps it real.

glenn barkley ceramics

3:00pm Wednesday, 08 Jan.

The Sydney artist is shaking up the ceramics scene with his wonky pieces in pastel colours.

a rather splendid toothbrush holder

9:00am Thursday, 02 Jan.

Everyone needs a toothbrush holder (despite what your housemate with deeply questionable hygiene standards might say). So why not choose a spiffy ceramic number?

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