knitted fruit necklace giveaway

by georgia frances king

Cramming three pieces of fruit into your day isn't as hard as what most people make it out to be. These knitted fruit necklaces may not be edible (unless your dog has a penchant for yarn), but at least you're taking a tasty step in the right direction. We'll take any excuse for more miniature crochet goodness, really.

We're thrilled to tell you we have a few of these healthy delights to give away - just email us here with your name, address and preference for what part of the fruit salad you'd like dangling around your neck.

They're locally made in Sydney by former Blue-Mountains residing stitch-smith Claire Ward, the lass behind Bless Your Cotton Socks. If you're keen to nab some other nifty things made out of wool, pop on over to her Etsy store here.

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