frankie exclusive diy: watermelon slice cushion

by kitiya palaskas

Summer is almost upon us and we can't wait to spend days baking in the sun, swimming in crystal clear seas and feasting on tropical fruits until we're giddy. But what happens when the sun melts away? We don't really want to think about it, but it's good to be prepared. If you make yourself one of these playful watermelon cushions, not only will you be super comfy on your next warm weather picnic, you'll also have a slice of summer to carry with you when the mercury drops all over again.



cotton fabric (green, black, magenta)
sewing machine
polyfill stuffing
fabric scissors
needle and thread
cardboard to make a template



1. Make yourself some templates using an old cardboard box. Use these dimensions as a guide, but you can make them bigger or smaller depending on how big you want your cushion to be.

Large triangle: 35cm wide base, 50cm tall point
Small triangle: 10cm wide base, 55cm tall point
Rectangle: 10cm wide, 35cm long

Cut two large triangles and two small triangles from magenta fabric, leaving a 1cm seam allowance around each edge. Cut one rectangle from green fabric leaving a 1cm seam allowance around each edge.


2. With right sides facing each other, sew the long edge of a large triangle onto the long edge of a small triangle, ensuring that the points line up. Sew the other large triangle to the small triangle on the long edge, then finish off by sewing the remaining small triangle onto both large triangles along the long edge. You should now have a 3D triangle shape with a hole at the bottom.


3. Sew the green rectangle into the hole, lining up the short edges with the bases of the small triangles, and the long edges with the bases of the large triangles. Make sure you leave a 10cm gap unsewn so you can stuff the cushion.


4. Stuff the cushion with Polyfill stuffing. Adjust the stuffing to make sure it sits evenly inside the cushion, and there are no lumps.


5. Using a needle and thread, hand sew the opening closed using small, neat stiches.


6. Cut the black fabric into little tear drop shapes - you'll need about five for each side of the cushion. Hand sew the seeds onto the cushion, using a tacking stitch. And there you have it, a juicy, cushy slice of watermelon!


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