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a mid-century cat scratch house

Cats are the best! Until they steal the mince meat you left out to defrost, purposefully knock your things off every surface, and decide they’d quite like to wake you up by sitting smack-bang in the middle of your face.

Other than that, though, they’re furry and purry and generally make a top-notch pet, so why not show your appreciation for your feline friend, instead of groggily grumbling, “Good god, Mr Tibbles, it’s 7am!”

Taking them on a quick jaunt to Palm Springs is probably not a feasible option, but there is this nice little DIY to help you create a Mid-century cat scratch house at home. Because everyone deserves a little luxury and snazzy wallpaper from time to time, right? Even Mr Tibbles. (Maybe bake this Palm Springs-themed cake once you’re done, just to add to the holiday vibe.)

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