stuff mondays - baba souk giveaway

A word of warning: Baba Souk is quite a perilous store to peruse, as it's entirely possible you'll wind up throwing money at the computer, crying 'Yes! Give me everything you've got! Shower me with your magnificent goodies!'

Despite having been dubbed a 'creative oasis', all those colourful treasures lining its digital shelves are no mirage. You can swap dollars for sweet origami foxes, pillows inspired by juicy watermelons, plus pretty-as-pie papergoods and all kinds of lovely jewellery and prints.

Or then again, if you're lucky, you'll nab your favourite pieces from the site but keep your pennies in your pocket. We've got a $200 voucher up for grabs, and all you have to do to enter is head over to the Baba Souk store, pick out your top two items and pop them in an email with your name and address. Good luck!

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