metal patches for dogs

Things we might never know about pooches: what accents they'd have if they were human, which pet name they've given us, and what music they like to listen to when they've got some down time from all the stick-chasing and butt-sniffing. Until someone figures out how to get us that info, we're just going to assume the answers are Mexican, Sweetcheeks, and heavy metal, ­ with heads cocked and ears pricked as they rock out to bands like Judas Pooch and Bark Sabbath.

Should your pup wish to express their inner muttlehead, Pet Haus have gone and stitched up (what we imagine would be) their fave bands in patch form. ­ All you need is a needle and thread, and a pooch-sized denim jacket to sew them onto, of course. Check out the range in their Etsy store, here.

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