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There are things that you want in life and things that you need, and this one sits high at the top of both lists. It's the friggin' Golden Girls house, in miniature! The teeny model is handmade and built to scale by a self-confessed diehard fan, and if you've got a spare $192 lying around, it's up for grabs through her Etsy store.

So which Golden Girl are you? A sassy Blanche, an ever-cheerful Rose, a practical Dorothy or a loud-mouthed Sophia? You don't even have to choose with this awesome set, because it comes with all four lovely ladies, standing at just one inch tall, like greying Polly Pockets. And if you consider yourself a Golden Girls groupie, there are also some episode-specific details popped around the house for a little treasure hunt featuring plenty of cheesecake.

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