Ever thought about turning your crafty ways into a successful handmade business, only to have nerves/procrastination/bewilderment bring the process to a halt? In the spirit of new beginnings, Etsy are kicking off #EtsyResolution, a nine-part program to guide you through the process of becoming a fully-fledged online seller.

Along the way you'll learn handy tidbits about taking photos, marketing, nailing customer service, understanding store statistics and a whole bunch more. Plus, two inspiring dames – singer and Big Hearted Business founder Clare Bowditch and Aussie Etsy seller Jess Van Den – will be along for the ride, providing support and plenty of valuable advice. Did we mention it's all free?

Whether you're a current store holder or aspiring DIYer (everybody's welcome!), you can have a gander at the full rundown and sign up here. Launch date is January 27th, so make sure you get in quicksticks.

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