get fancy: festive coloured eyeliner

by dana leviston

The festive season is as good a time as any to play around with some fun new makeup tricks – and rather than falling back on a brightly coloured lippie, why not give some rainbow-hued eyeliner a go? The shades below come in three different mediums and suit most eye/skin/hair combinations. Have a read and if you like what you see, get a little fancy!

coloured eyeliner 1


eyeliner pencil
eyeliner pen
gel pot eyeliner & small flat wedge brush

coloured eyeliner 2



There are so many coloured eyeliner pencils available from so many brands, but the best ones, if you are going to wear them along the waterline of the eye, are the soft kohl types. Run the pencil along the bottom inner-rim of the eye and slightly along the lash bed. You can also use a small brush to smudge it a little. (Some kohl eyeliners come with a little smudging tool on one end to make it easier.)

Coloured pencil can also be used to line the top lash bed, however the softer kohl style ones can get a little messy up top and move around. Test them on your hand in the store to see how smudge-proof they are. There are also waterproof gel pencils available that are great for a clean line along the eyelid.

coloured eyeliner 8

Gel pot liner

You’ll need a tiny pointy brush for this one. The coloured gel pot eyeliners are a little harder to come by, but the few brands that do sell them make lovely jewel colours like amethyst and emerald. With practice, you can get a little more geometric with the brush, as the gel glides on easier than you think. If you don’t love bright colourful lipstick, this is one way to make colour a feature with your makeup.

coloured eyeliner 3

coloured eyeliner 4

Eyeliner pen

These are generally user-friendly, waterproof and paint on just like any regular black liquid liner that you would use to apply your wing-tips or flicks with. We tried a line of black as a base and then an awesome electric blue along the top. When the eye is open, the results can be quite subtle – but closed or blinking your lids will flash some serious vibes.

coloured eyeliner 6

coloured eyeliner 7

The pretty piccies of model Tali were snapped by Kristoffer Paulsen. Words are by Dana Leviston.

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