teeth and hair

by lara burke

Name: Eirian Chapman. Lives: Melbourne. What do you do: I'm a freelance designer and illustrator, and also a designer at The Big Issue. Tell us about your project Teeth and Hair Combs: While traveling around America this year, we went to a lot of museums and art galleries. I was fascinated by all of the antique hair ornaments, especially the Eskimo and Inuit hair combs, some carved from whale bone. They were/are such a decorative object and no one really wears them anymore, so I thought I'd design some weird combs I'd like to wear. What inspires you: The Internet, books and traveling. What are you working on right now: The combs are keeping me pretty busy, but I'm also working on a series of 'star woman' portraits of friends. Where can we see more of your wonderful work: www.eirianchapman.com and www.teethhair.tumblr.com.

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