minna gilligan exhibition

You might remember Minna Gilligan from a wee chit-chat we had with the Melbourne lass on this here blog, way back in 2012. In the couple of years since then she's gone from strength to strength - painting, drawing and collaging up a storm, warbling on-stage with her band, Pamela, and exhibiting her works both locally and overseas.

Speaking of exhibitions, she's got a brand new solo show popping up in her hometown, which goes by the name of Long Time No See. Exploring the idea of time – its passing, pausing and trudging along – it runs at the Daine Singer Gallery until October 11th, with a bit of a shindig to celebrate its opening on Saturday 20th from 4pm 'til 6pm.

If you like what you see, you can browse through more of Minna's multi-coloured excellence here.

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