mini pets by bridget mccarty

9:00am Monday, 24 Feb.

The Disney artist's specialty is whimsical scenes of pampered pets.

Street artist My Dog Sighs decorates discarded tins with hyper-realistic portraits of furry critters.

rogan brown’s paper sculptures

9:00am Wednesday, 19 Feb.

Get ready to have your mind blown by these intricate paper artworks.

There's an online database for old-timey illustrations! How cool is that?

painted street views

9:00am Tuesday, 04 Feb.

No travel budget? No problem. Tokyo-based illustrator Nao Tatsumi is perfectly content with visiting far-flung destinations via Google Street View.

hand-drawn hollywood

3:00pm Saturday, 01 Feb.

Francesca Pusceddu creates colourful artworks for cinema nerds.

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