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wine pairings for your favourite frankie activities

wine pairings for your favourite frankie activities


What sort of wine goes best with crocheting, reading a saucy book or writing a letter to your annoying ex?

Any amateur oenophile (a.k.a. wine snob) knows how to match wine with fish or chicken. But which drop goes best with your tax return? Or having a solo dance party after a bad day? Or crocheting with your adorable kitty, Ronald? The fun thing about wine is that it can make any everyday activity feel a bit more festive, especially if you match the wine variety to the vibe. So we sat down with the friendly folk from South Australian vineyard Hither & Yon for some wine-pairing tips.

“It’s all about the feeling, right?” says Hither & Yon’s Juliette Sirieys. “Depending on what you’re doing, and who you’re doing it with, you’re going to want something that’s easy drinking or more heavy-bodied. A bit of sweetness or that squeeze of tart.”

Here are some delicious wine pairings for your favourite frankie activities.

watching Clueless on the couch You have the legal maximum number of friends around, Alicia Silverstone is on TV, and you’ve properly sterilised your hands – just like old times, right? When you’re rollin’ with the homies, you need a solid Malbec to wash it down. This is the ultimate movie-night wine; it pairs well with cheese, cured meats and other things that tend to live on charcuterie boards. Remember: anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good.

reading Harlequin romance novels in your book club Zelda blushed crimson as Juan, the chimney sweep, slowly unbuttoned his shirt, his biceps straining against the sweaty, clinging fabric. Whoops, excuse us while we fan ourselves – don’t know what happened there. But hey, if your book club has decided to plunge into the heaving bosoms of Harlequin romance, you’re going to need a stiff drink. In this case, we recommend a swashbuckling Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s an old-school classic with a modern twist: ripe and firm, with lots of, ahem, body.

crocheting with your cat A cosy night in with Ronald requires a warm, comfortable, night-by-the-crackling-fire sort of vino. Grenache Touriga fits the bill. You won’t see this guy on too many menus, but it’s a beautiful field blend: light, floral, with a slight touch of acidity. Knit one, purl one, drink one – and repeat as necessary. “They discovered this blend almost by accident,” says Juliette. “Winemakers crushed both grapes in a bucket and thought, ‘Hmm, that’s quite yummy’.”

doing your taxes like a boss Okay, so doing your taxes might not be a favourite activity (what the hell is a ‘Dividend Imputation Credit’ anyway?), but it’s one of those grown-up obligations that everyone needs to learn sooner or later. And it’s proof there’s nothing on Earth that can’t be improved with a good glass of wine. In this case, Juliette recommends a friendly, huggable Shiraz. “You need something comforting for tax time,” she says, “and Shiraz has that super-soft fruit and chocolate about it.” This wine is sure to exceed your tax enjoyment threshold by at least 24 per cent.

writing an angry letter to your ex Bring me my thesaurus. This letter is going to be a scorched-earth literary masterpiece. Writing an angry letter to an ex is (probably) a useful therapeutic tool, but if possible, you do want to avoid crying directly onto the paper. Tricky. For this job, you need a “very juicy” Tempranillo, according to Juliette. It’s easy-drinking and doesn’t knock your proverbial socks off, so you can remain level-headed and brutally articulate. Now, how do you spell ‘iniquitous’…?

baking banana bread… ironically We know, we know, you were making banana bread long before it was cool… and then suddenly very uncool. But this is an ironic loaf, so it’s okay. It isn’t a symptom of lockdown mania or anything. For an afternoon spent eating raw banana batter straight from the bowl (you know who you are), we recommend a fruity Carignan. It’s a light red wine that goes smashingly well with anything sweet. “You can even drink this one slightly chilled,” Juliette says. “It’s sort of a quirky alternative to Rosé.”

having a solo dance party a la Risky Business Sometimes there’s nothing else to do but throw on white socks and channel some wholesome, pre-Scientology Tom Cruise vibes. You’d be surprised how much a solo dance party can improve your lockdown mood. And you know what else is good for mood? Wine. Specifically a bouncy little Rosé, full of fruit and funk. This thing is almost guaranteed to improve your dance moves after the second glass. Don’t forget to pop that collar, either.

This extremely relatable list of wine pairings was brought to you by our mates at Hither & Yon, a family-run, winemaker in McLaren Vale, South Australia. If you’re keen to sip some of the vino mentioned above, it’s your lucky day! Hither & Yon are offering a beaut six-pack for $132 including postage. Check it out here, if that strikes your fancy.