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win a prize pack full of a’kin goodies

win a prize pack full of a’kin goodies


Nourish your locks and epidermis with some sweet botanicals.

When you’re feeling worse for wear, one sure-fire way to put some pep back into your step is to take a long, steamy bath. Lather yourself in the soaps and scrubs that you’d normally save for special occasions, slather your hair in a buttery mask and soak away your troubles for an hour or two. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

Natural Aussie hair and skincare brand A'kin has rounded up nine of its loveliest products (including washes, creams, masks and deodorants) for a neat little giveaway. Each product has been spiked with nifty botanical ingredients that’ll have you feeling fresh as a daisy (and smelling like one, too) in a jiffy. Just swing past the frankie win page to enter.