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who is she

who is she


A woman-centric guessing game about achievements rather than appearances.

Remember Guess Who?, the childhood guessing game that operated on the process of elimination? It was a cool concept, except for the bit where it mostly featured a bunch of unremarkable white and male characters. Thankfully, indie game company Playeress saw that Guess Who? could be so much better.

Playeress’s version – Who’s She – is made up of legendary women throughout history, including Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart and Serena Williams. To narrow down on an opponent’s mystery character, players ask questions about the person's achievements, rather than their appearance: did they win a Nobel Prize? Did they fly a plane across the Atlantic? Are they a sportsperson? With its watercolour portraits and laser-cut birch wood, Who’s She is also really bloody good-looking. Gush over it this-a-way, where you can also order a cardboard version for yourself (and all the little kids in your life).

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