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what the heck is cash flow?

what the heck is cash flow?


We sit down for a small-business chinwag with Emily Green, SUKU Home's Christine Lafian and Bramble & Briar.

SB x Xero DinkusYou don’t want to start a small biz and realise six months later you’re going to run out of dosh. Yikes! Though it’s super-important, managing cash flow isn’t exactly the coolest or easiest part of being your own boss. So, what exactly is cash flow, and what should you know about it?

We’ve gathered a few cool folks from the small business community (all Xero customers, by the way) to share personal stories, strategies and tips about cash flow that they've picked up over the years. 

Our panelists:

Emily Green: jewellery and accessories designer, co-owner of Pinky's Store

Christine Lafian: owner of SUKU Home, bedding and sleepwear designer

Vita Lo Presti and Sarah Pilling: accountants from Bramble & Briar agency

In the video below, we ask these lovely folks a few questions, including:  

  • what the hell is cash flow?
  • how did you learn to do the books?
  • what would you tell cash flow newbies?
  • have you ever run out of money?

Big thank you to Pop & Scott for letting us shoot in your awesome space. 

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