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vegan mango cake

vegan mango cake


Step aside, carrot cake. See ya later, vanilla sponge. We’re hankering for something a little more tropical for afternoon tea.

So, you’ve spent the past few weeks chilling out beside an aesthetically pleasing body of water, sipping on icy bevs and munching on summer fruits. But now it’s time to get back to the office (or the kitchen table, for some of us) and it feels like you never even had time off. What if we told you that a spot of baking (not the sunny kind) could alleviate some of that post-holiday depression?

The answer, dear friends, is this mango cake by Rainbow Nourishments. It’s the perfect summery treat for that 3pm pick-me-up thanks to its tropical flavours and creamy icing; a holiday for your mouth. Plus, it’s vegan, which might come in handy if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to consume less animal products. Head right this way for the drool-worthy recipe.

To accompany you while you embark on your next culinary quest, we’ve cooked up some lovely kitchen merch, including three colourful tea towels and a flower-power apron. The designs are pulled straight from the pages of the frankie 2022 diary, which is full of vintage kitchen-inspired artwork by Pilgrim Hodgson. Find the lot over at the frankie shop.