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upholster your own frames

upholster your own frames


Make use of old fabric by dressing up your frames.

When was the last time you owned a picture frame that wasn’t black, white, brown or some kind of metal? We're willing to bet that you were but a wee one, and had one of those bright, flimsy plastic frames that had 'best friends' or 'love' written across the top in glitter glue.

Fast forward to adulthood, and every structurally sound photo frame seems to only come in neutral colours. While they do the trick if you’re going for the minimalist look, they can get a bit boring if you’re after something a bit more eclectic. Enter: the upholstered frame. That’s right – upholstery isn’t just for chairs (or fairytale duds), you can also use it to zhuzh up your frames. What’s more, Erica from Honestly WTF says it’s surprisingly easy. If you’re feeling crafty, head this-a-way for her instructions.