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uniqlo x marimekko

uniqlo x marimekko


Hoo baby, UNIQLO’s special edition collaboration with Marimekko drops today.

Created in collaboration with UNIQLO x Marimekko

Are you feeling something in the air today? A hint of anticipation bordering on pant-wetting excitement, perhaps? A sudden urge to enthusiastically punch the air and grin like a maniac? A strange feeling that perhaps it IS Rex Manning Day and you are Liv Tyler wearing an extremely short skirt?

Well, there’s a reason for your barely controlled hysteria: everyone’s favourite Japanese retailer, UNIQLO, is dropping a special edition collaboration line with iconic Finnish design house Marimekko, and they’re doing it TODAY. The nine-item range features a ridiculous amount of happy-making Marimekko patterns on tops, trousers, frocks, bags and shoes – all made with UNIQLO’s usual eye for quality stuff.

They’re pretty easy on the pocket, too, with prices starting at just $19.90 for tees and topping out at $59.90 for pants and graphic dresses. Head here to see more, and/or nab some for yourself. You can also check out more info in frankie 83, out Thursday April 5th.