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tunesday – pricie

tunesday – pricie


You'll wanna add this one straight to your favourite playlist.

The best kinds of songs are the ones you can happily belt out while alone. Whether you’re in the shower, driving, or getting ready for a night out, we can guarantee that singing along to PRICIE’s new single, “M.O.M (Money On Me)”, will give you a little confidence-boost (even if your voice sounds like a squeaky door next to PRICIE’s powerful vocals).

The Melbourne multi-hyphenate penned the track when she was a broke psych student living in a sharehouse, which explains the no-fucks-given attitude of the song. "I was just not interested in dealing with anybody's bullshit. Sometimes the reality of your wallet is all you need to know,” she says. “Life is easier without the added drama or clingy love."

We’ll be playing the track on repeat while we eagerly wait for PRICIE’s debut EP, It's PRICIE, to drop.