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tunesday – partner look
snap by Jason Boltex

tunesday – partner look


“Rodeo Tragic” is the second single from the Melbourne outfit’s debut LP.

Ever wondered what would happen if you came across a horse on a beach and asked it what it was doing there? Well, according to Melbourne four-piece Partner Look, it would reply, “I’m just a horsey standing by the sea. I’m just a horsey doing me.” Makes sense, right? Vocalist Ambrin Hasnain just couldn’t stop thinking about the four-legged creatures while writing lyrics to the band’s new track, “Rodeo Tragic”. “With some input from the others the song gradually turned into an anthem for the freedom of horses. Or something like that,” she says.

The single is a little bit post-punk and a little bit poppy, and comes straight from the band’s forthcoming debut album, By The Book, which drops on February 4. Check out Partner Look’s fun new video for “Rodeo Tragic” below. Giddy up.