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tunesday – my favourite things with huck hastings

tunesday – my favourite things with huck hastings


"Usually, I start writing from a need to express myself or to work out some problem inside my head."

A word of warning: you might get a little teary listening to Huck Hastings. The Sydney singer-songwriter pens tender tunes about loss, longing and letting go, and if you’re in the mood to get all wistful and misty eyed, we highly recommend checking out his album Cheers to Progress. You could also get acquainted with Huck’s bittersweet lyrics and dreamy instrumentation by watching the clip for “The Clincher” below (it’s a real beauty), or catching up on our chat with Huck from issue 97.

Favourite way to start a song? Usually, I start writing from a need to express myself or to work out some problem inside my head. I unravel how I feel about the situation – a sort of self-psychoanalysis.

Favourite inspiration quote? “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” – my mum, all the time.

Favourite job you had before music? I worked at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre as an usher, which was a pretty surreal world to fall into. You’re constantly being taken to crazy places, then at the end of the show, you get plonked back down to Earth. The workplace I’m fondest of, though, is Gertrude & Alice – a beautiful old café-bookshop down by the beach in Bondi.

Favourite ’90s celebrity? Princess Diana, because she epitomised that hysterical celebrity culture and also, tragically, will forever remain a ’90s icon.

Favourite story to tell at a live show? My songs are so narrative-driven that I try not to over-explain them on stage. I do have a tendency for self-deprecating humour, though, and crack a few nihilistic jokes at my own expense.

Favourite comfort meal? A cheese board!

Favourite way to shake writer’s block? I usually go out walking. Lately, I’ve been going to the ice rink a lot and just skating in circles. Having some sort of forward motion really helps me think.

Favourite fan encounter? Any time someone goes out of their way to tell you your music has touched them is really special. I’ve struck up some great friendships with people internationally through my music, too.

Favourite apocalyptic film? Melancholia by Lars von Tier. It’s so moving, beautifully shot and incredibly cinematic.