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tunesday – my favourite things with cool sounds
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tunesday – my favourite things with cool sounds


In issue 108, the band talked food, holidays and weird gigs.

Melbourne guitar-pop outfit Cool Sounds have given us a taste of their upcoming album by generously dropping an infectious new tune – “Hello, Alright, You Got That?” While you patiently wait for the October release of the record, Like That, take a gander at our recent chat with the band about all their favourite things.

Favourite way to rev up an audience? Dainis Lacey: Ambrin hitting a cowbell seems to do the trick.

Favourite gig you’ve played? Dainis: I’m a big fan of unusual shows. In Europe years ago, we unknowingly supported a Scandinavian pop star who had just come off The X Factor. At another show, we unknowingly agreed to jam with some local musicians. When we became aware of this, we got frightened and let the locals jam with each other. Four identical bald men with black t-shirts got up and played strange music. The owner worried that the crowd might leave because the music was too abrasive, so she got up and started scatting.

Favourite way to wind down after a show? Pierce Morton: Watching clips from Woodstock ’99 or Michel Gondry music videos, and peanut butter, baby.

Favourite comfort food? Dainis: Piragi – small, traditional Latvian buns that are filled with onion and bacon. They are simple but delicious and make the house smell amazing when baked.

Favourite experience as a band? Ambrin Hasnain: Touring in Brisbane and the Northern Rivers area with Shan from Jet Black Cat. Shan and her friends drove us around in a minibus and planned swimming and food stops along the way, which made the tour seem like a holiday.

Favourite holiday destination? Dainis: Ambrin’s hometown: Münster-Sarmsheim, Germany. It’s tiny and everyone knows everyone. Ambrin’s dad, Firoze, seems to be a local celebrity.

Favourite song you’ve written? Dainis: “Nothing’s New”. It’s not very well recorded and more emo than our usual songs, but it has lots of personal significance.

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