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tunesday – mo’ju

tunesday – mo’ju


The singer-songwriter is back with a new 'mini-album’.

Melbourne artist Mojo Ruiz de Luzuriaga (aka Mo'Ju) has released an experimental seven-track record, O.K, and trust us – it's a good'un. While the ‘mini-album’ deals with some pretty heavy topics, every tune is blissfully light on the ears. Plus, Mo’Ju says the tracks are, importantly, “part of a healing process”.

“These songs weren’t always intended to be released into the world but in doing so I feel like I am letting go of their weight,” she says in a statement. “So here they are, some of my most vulnerable moments, presented to you raw and true to the sentiment of the work. I accept that these songs are imperfect and I’m working on loving them anyway. Just like me.”

O.K comes three years after Mo’Ju released her award-winning 2018 record, Native Tongue, and it's chock-full of chilled out, soulful vibes. Have a listen to the super-cool release below.