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tunesday – ella thompson

tunesday – ella thompson


The Melbourne artist is back with a glimmering new track. 

It’s been a while since we’ve heard a solo release from Melbourne artist, Ella Thompson – three years to be exact.

Ella Thompson Body

Earlier this month, the talented lady (who is also part of electro-pop duo GL and alt-pop group Dorsal Fins), surprised us with 'Hysteria', a single off her new EP. Understated and lush all at once, the song's glimmering chorus feels like a slow exhale after a morning run. It starts to make sense when you learn that Ella’s singing about the emotions women have historically been conditioned to keep inside for fear of appearing ‘mad’ (hence the song's title). As for the video, Ella collaborated with artists Prue Stent and Honey Long to create an abstract, pastel vision. Take it all in below: