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tunesday – body type
snap by Ellen Virgona

tunesday – body type


What do oiled pecs, a cult novel and frisky guitar have in common?

Good news for ear-owners: Sydney rockers Body Type will release their debut album, Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising, on May 20 via Poison City Records. “Sex & Rage” is the new single from the self-funded album, and it’s an absolute banger. Dedicated to writer Eve Babitz's cult novel of the same name, the track is chock-full of angsty lyrics and post-punk riffs. It’s “a reflection on finding passion amidst feverish banality”, according to vocalist Sophie McComish.

“When you are uninspired, when you feel sad that the general public would rather look at their phone screens than what's hanging on the walls of the Louvre; when lovers leave you just like they always do and everything feels like a cliché – remember the feelings that set you aflame, and the things that make those feelings happen. For me, it's Body Type and cryptic crosswords,” she says.

The track is accompanied by a new video, directed by Madeline Purdy, that kicks off with… a shiny pair of dancing pecs. "We wanted to show an overabundance of unorthodox, freakish human beauty, but have it stop before total chaos,” Madeline says. “The strict confines of an audition room setting tinged every character with an inherent yearning to be liked by their audience.” Peep the chaotic clip below.