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tunesday - a is for alpine

tunesday - a is for alpine


Not only does Melbourne band Alpine rock our little cotton socks off with their debut album, but they also can teach us the musical alphabet.

A is for Alpine, the Melbourne band who we think are doing splendiforous things.

B is for ballistic, the craziness we went when we first slipped their debut album into our stereo.

C is for colourful, the personalities of their hyper-hued jumpsuit-wearing lead ladies, Phoebe and Lou.

D is for dancey, the two-shoe shuffle, two-handed finger click way they make us feel.

E is for every day, the frequency we are playing A Is For Alpine in the frankie office.

F is for fashion feature, the pages they have graced in frankie magazine previously.

G is for golly golly gosh, the words we utter when we think of the way these guys and gals are going.