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tree furniture

tree furniture


Just when you think you’ve seen it all, somebody goes and grows furniture right out of the ground.

Gavin Munro, a rather cunning furniture designer who hails from the UK, has worked out how to grow real trees into the shape of furniture, a process that took around a decade to perfect. The original idea came about when Gavin and his team noticed a bonsai that had naturally grown into the shape of a chair – and off they went on a journey of shaping living trees.

They call it ‘zen 3D printing’ – planting trees that are moulded and persuaded to grow into chairs, lamps and tables. The clever bunch don’t even need to use glue or joinery to create the finished product, just a bit of grafting and help from Mother Nature! Order a piece via their company site Full Grown. (But be warned – they ain’t cheap and take several years to grow!)