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this origami-inspired razor is made of paper

this origami-inspired razor is made of paper


The nifty shaver is almost entirely plastic-free.

Here’s some cheery news that proves not everything sucks: Kai, the Japanese design pros specialising in knives, razors and other cutting tools, has crafted an origami-like paper razor in an effort to reduce plastic. In fact, they’ve done such a good job that the disposable shaver is 98 per cent plastic-free.

Made from a water-resistant paper body and a metal blade, the razor is super-easy to assemble and weighs just four grams (that’s less than a 10 cent coin, FYI). Pretty darn cool, eh? And in proof that Kai really is onto something, the brand has taken home a gong at the Good Design Awards for its clever work. Here’s hoping the rest of the world takes note! Have a gander at how the nifty device works below.