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this aussie comedy series got picked up by netflix

this aussie comedy series got picked up by netflix


Why Are You Like This follows the antics of three brash, unapologetic 20-somethings.

We’re all for celebrating homegrown talent, and from the looks of things, ABC’s latest comedy series is going to be a doozy. Why Are You Like This is about three friends making their way through a "sociopolitical hellscape" fuelled by outrage and algorithms: narcissistic Mia gets what she wants by milking her social capital as a bi South Asian woman; Penny is on the quest to be the ultimate ally to every oppressed person; and Austin is a depressed artist trying to make it in the drag scene (according to the synopsis, though, he goes to therapy once "so is probably fine").

Created by Naomi Higgins (known for her work on Get Krackin’) Mark Samual Bonanno from Aunty Donna and Humyara Mahbub (an illustrator, writer and lawyer), Why Are You Like This got picked up and turned into a six-episode series on the strength of its pilot. If you want to laugh/cry over the antics of some rude, unapologetic and frequently hilarious 20-somethings, we recommend tuning in.

Why Are You Like This airs on ABC in Australia and Netflix internationally on February 16th, and you can get a taste via the trailer below.