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the frankie website has had a swish makeover!

the frankie website has had a swish makeover!


Take a wander around our fresh new digs.

Greetings, frankie friends, and welcome to our brand-spanking new website! Yep, we’ve moved into fresh new digs and are so darn excited to show you around.

First things first: you may have noticed we’ve rearranged a few bits and bobs on our homepage and given everything a fresh lick of paint – hopefully this makes it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. Of course, we’ll still be posting plenty of ace stuff to please your eyes and grey matter on the daily, and our refreshed blog categories will give you a broader view of any posts you may have missed.

We now have dedicated homes for all things Strictly Business and school of frankie – just hit the drop-down menu to find them. If you’d like to peek into the current issue, simply click on the little bar on the left side of the page. However, if it’s a lovely walk down memory lane you’re after, you’ll find the past issues page via the drop-down menu. Most importantly, you can still throw your hat into the ring for a rad prize – just scoot on over to the win page.

We could keep rattling on about all the wonderful new changes (ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!) but perhaps it’s best if you go and have a good ol’ stickybeak yourself. Keep in mind that we’ve only just settled in, so there may be a chipped corner or two that needs patching up. If you spot anything that’s gone awry, we’d appreciate if you sent us a note here. Now please, make yourself at home.