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the epic fail game

the epic fail game


Where stuffing up is the name of the game.

Failure. It's something everyone goes through, whether you're the queen of England or a regular Joe Blow. Stuffing up is a completely normal and necessary part of life – but for one reason or another, we don't tell our kids that. The makers of The Epic Fail Game reckon we should.

Created by Susanna Kass and Yolanda Koning, The Epic Fail Game is a deck of family-friendly activity cards that prompt kids to act out silly, creative tasks. Made with the help of child psychologists and bubbly illustrations by Caroline Relander, The Epic Fail cards will get your kids eating fruit without their hands or drawing with their feet. Whether they succeed or totally bomb out is beside the point – the important bit is that they're brave enough to give something a go, and laugh along the way. 

The team came up with the idea after Susanna’s five-year-old first started showing signs of anxiety. Yolanda’s son, too, was going through a hard time at school. After realising just how many little ones were going through the same issues around the world, they set their minds to making a resilience-building tool and the rest is history. If you're keen to try it out, head here to see more.