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the curious story behind moustache cups
snap by Ben Husmann

the curious story behind moustache cups


Maintaining a mo is a full-time job.

Mustachioed folks around the world understand something their clean-shaven kin do not: maintaining a mo is a full-time job. During the 19th century (the golden age of finely teased facial hair), chaps faced the daily challenge of sipping on an afternoon cuppa. You see, as soon as the steam from a hot brew hit their 'stache, the styling wax that held it together would begin to melt and drip. Not only did this ruin their brew, it left their prized strands flat and soggy, too. The hairy situation was such a nuisance that British potter Harvey Adams came up with ‘the moustache cup’, a special teacup containing a hidden ‘guard’ for a gent’s facial hair. The invention proved so popular, Mr. Adams was able to retire on its sales within 15 years. Sadly, the moustache cup disappeared from shelves when flamboyant side whiskers went out of style, but you might be lucky enough to stumble across one in an antique shop today. teacups for mustachioed gents"teacups for mustachioed gents" by rocketlass is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Photo via flickr Charmaine Zoe (flickr)