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the burger cake

the burger cake


Is it a burger? Is it a cake? It's a burger cake!

Is it a burger? Is it a cake? It's a burger cake! When illustrator Hilary Thackway was looking for a different cake to bake for her friend's birthday, she defied the savoury/sweet divide and create the amazing concoction below. We've written up the instructions for you here, or you can view everything over on her snazzy blog (as well as other goodness). Happy cookery!

INGREDIENTS (in order of layering)

Sesame seeds: white chocolate chips or coconut

Burger bun: 1 x vanilla packet cake mix

Lettuce: whipped cream & green food colouring

Cheese: banana lollies

Meat patty: 1 x chocolate packet cake mix

Tomatoes: Jaffas


1. Prepare the vanilla and chocolate cake mix.

2. Bake both cakes in round baking tins (same size). Let cakes cool completely.

3. Cut both cakes in half. Keep the top and bottom of the vanilla cake – these are your burger buns! Keep the bottom half of your chocolate cake and discard the top – this is your flat meat patty.

4. Prepare vanilla icing and choc icing from cake mix in separate bowls. To make the 'burger-brown colour', add small amounts of choc icing to vanilla icing gradually until the icing turns a nice, light burger-brown colour. You will use this to ice the top and bottom burger buns. Keep the left over chocolate icing. You will use this to ice your meat patty.

6.Whip cream and add green food colouring.


1. Place bottom burger bun on a plain white plate.

2. Add burger coloured icing around the sides of bun and a thin layer on top.

3. Add the Jaffas neatly around the edge of the cake and then scatter remaining Jaffas in the centre.

4. Add chocolate patty. Use leftover chocolate icing to ice the patty.

5. Add banana lollies in a fan. Place extra banana lollies in the middle.

6. Plop the green cream in the centre of the banana lollies and carefully spread the cream to the edge of the cake.

7. Add the top burger bun and ice with more burger-coloured icing.

8. Top it off with little white 'sesame seeds' of your choice.

9. Place in a fridge for around ten minutes to harden icing.

10. Devour.