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the art of cake

the art of cake


Alice Oehr is so obsessed with cake, she wrote and illustrated a whole book dedicated to the dessert.

While it's true that we all scream for ice-cream, it’s cake that we dream of. What other dessert can inspire such wide-eyed wonder? Cake is a celebration, a piece of art, a momentary cure-all for your problems. Cake is bloody magic.

If you tend to agree, you’ll appreciate Alice Oehr’s forthcoming book The Art of Cake, a colourful 127-page dedication to 50 of the world’s favourite desserts. The Melbourne graphic designer and illustrator traces the backstory of each cake, from delicious babkas to vinatertas, deconstructing every colour, pattern and tantalising topping to help us appreciate the sweet treats in full. In the final section, Alice also shares a few of her top recipes.

Filled with bold illustrations, it’s a delightful flip-through for any cake fan. Get your hands on a copy from April 1st, or if you're an eager beaver, pre-order over here.