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stuff mondays – keep-oh hanging vase

stuff mondays – keep-oh hanging vase


Howdy-do, green thumbs. Fancy a super-lovely vessel for your plant cuttings? 

Howdy-do, green thumbs. We don’t suppose you’d fancy a nice vessel for your flora, do you? Because as it happens, we’re giving away some super-lovely hanging vases from Keep-oh. Each one is handmade in New South Wales by crafty lady Kirsten Devitt and comes in a range of pretty colours and shapes (see the whole lot here). Kirsten created the little vases to house a variety of eye-pleasing plants including cuttings, single blooms or even leftover herbs. If you’d like to dangle one in your abode, head on over to the win page and wish with all your might. We’ve got 10 of the frilly Tasmanian oak hangers up for grabs.

Snaps by Nat McComas