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stuff mondays – hello cup

stuff mondays – hello cup


People who bleed, we are proud to tell you that there is an alternative to sleeping in weird 'leak-proof' positions. 

If you've ever complained about the annoyances of pads and tampons (no swimming, sleeping in weird positions, the price) – we assure you, there is a better option. And it's definitely not nan's frequent suggestion that you just use a sponge, like she did back in her day.

Everyone, give a warm welcome to the Hello Cup. These candy-coloured period cups are an environmentally friendly alternative to pads, holding three times more liquid than a tampon and lasting for at least five years. Five years! That’s a whole lot of plastic you'll be saving from landfill (not to mention your cold hard cash).

Plus the cups are so comfy that you won’t feel it, whether you’re sleeping, swimming or just going about your day. Keen to try? We’re giving away three in XS, S/M and L. Check out the size guide if you need more info, then mail us your details over here.